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Ares is a great program for sharing and downloading all kind of files over Internet, such as videos, documents, music,... Without any doubt, the most remarkable feature in Ares is that there are no corrupt files and that its download speed is really high, what make of Ares to be one of the most used P2P clients

At the time of downloading, we have to say that Ares is one of the fastest P2P programs, Ares automatically finds more sources and download files from many users at once. This is what increase remarkably the speed of your downloads.

Like in other P2P programs, you will have a contact list, you will be able to select the folders you will share,... and you will even be able to preview your media files with the built-in media player.

With Ares you will organise your files in categories, so you will save time when looking for a file in your PC.
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